Disturbia Music Group

Logo designs I made for Disturbia Music Group.

Disturbia Music Group was originally founded by Block McCloud in early 2009. His group called the Lost Souls (who later changed their name to Suicide Squad) released two demos on Disturbia in 2008 entitled: Purgatory & Rise of the Imperfects. These releases alone were enough to get this label started. A year later, in mid 2009 Block combined forces with Demunz the Dark Apostle owner of N.H.B.A. Records and together they professionally opened Disturbia Music Group. After being jerked around by countless labels and being backstabbed by too many close friends to count, it was about time for Block to start his own label and get his much deserved time in the spotlight. Creator of Brooklyn Academy, Block has always had an eye for talent. He scouted the world for the best of the best and started recruiting. After signing the first few artist to the label (Suicide Squad, Words & Rhymes, Demunz the Dark Apostle, Fresh Jones, O.D, ect.) Disturbia is ready to take over the world in 2010, releasing five albums in one year. Block McCloud – Four Walls, Demunz – Audio Snuff: The Hyper violent Torture Show, Suicide Squad – Lost Souls, Words & Rhymes – For the Fuck of it, & Castro Fidel – Invasion of the Body snatchers are all due later this year.

Visit: www.disturbiamusicgroup.com/