Zombie Generation

Cover Illustration for CJM’s Zombie Generation (Brother Zombie Records).

Once described as “one of the best artists you’ve never heard of,” CJ McClellan’s album, Zombie Generation establishes itself as a fresh take in an otherwise crowded Modern Rock genre. The eight song album is filled with songs with an undeniable sense of melody and unforgettable hooks that leave you humming the choruses long after the songs have faded from your speakers. From the heavier, guitar-fueled tracks like Zombie Generation and Whiskey on a Sunday, to the melody-driven Times Like These, it is not hard to envision a number of the albums tracks blaring over the radio airways. With a sound best described as “southern grunge” and with heavy influences from Led Zeppelin to Alice in Chains, this record does not sound like anything else on the market today.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CJ-McClellan/200589199952241