Headsource-At the Crossroads of the Days

Illustrated cover for Headsource’s new single album called “На перекрестках дней”(At the Crossroads of the Days). Such a wonderful image concept by the band.

Headsource Band

The HEADSOURCE band was born at 8 February 2009.

During three years of its life, the band gave a great number of concerts in Moscow and Moscow Region, shared a stage with such a bands like a Soularise, Evil Not Alone, Stigmata, Amatory etc., released a full-size album “Killing Dreams” with the assistance of independent Moscow label Flame Music, recorded the track with Kabz from Rashamba band, made a clip on the “AlteR-Я”s song, that has a great success!

Visit Headsource’s official website: www.headsource.ru
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