Divine Disorder

Cover illustrations for Divine Disorder’s single album called “Children of Menace”. Watch out for this band!


Divine Disorder is a Kuwait-based Extreme Metal band founded in March 2010 by the members Darkvain and Azurayl. While constructing the concept of their materials, the duo welcomed Mortis to the line-up as a keyboardist.

In the early stages of progress, Aatrey, a good friend of the members, extensively collaborated with the guitar works. However, due to the difficulties of finding the right recording facilities for the guitars as well as a suitable drummer in the region, the band invited Achokarlos and Acacio Carvalho as session members who not only had the facilities and met the requirements but were also highly supportive.

With a heavy dose of successful experiments and exploring new possibilities, they found a new direction in which to take their sound. The band began inviting like-minded musicians from different parts of the world in order to accomplish their mission which turned the entire project into an international collaborative venture.

Solkrad saw the band’s progress and potential and through his extensive support, he fell into place with the band thus adding a fourth member to the line-up. With the shape of things to come, and the steady progress of building their debut album, the band decided that it would be a good time to release their first single titled “Children of Menace”.

Visit Divine Disorder official website: www.divine-disorder.com