Cover Illustrations for Headsource – Andromeda Single

Website: www.headsource.ru

The HEADSOURCE band was born at 8 February 2009.

During three years of its life, the band gave a great number of concerts in Moscow and Moscow Region, shared a stage with such a bands like a Soularise, Evil Not Alone, Stigmata, Amatory etc., released a full-size album “Killing Dreams” with the assistance of independent Moscow label Flame Music, recorded the track with Kabz from Rashamba band, made a clip on the “AlteR-Я”s song, that has a great success!

In the mid of the 2011 year the band has made a tour with a perfect guys from Evil Not Alone band in support of the album. After the tour, the band produces their own new single named “Hundreds of the Worlds” .
During all the time, the band cooperates with Dholl, well known foreign horror painter and designer. After the first album Dholl becomes the official partner of the HEADSOURCE.

Visit Headsource’s official website:www.headsource.ru